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Sincuidados is a private and tranquil luxury home community consisting of 396 lots in the high Sonoran Desert in North Scottsdale with Lone Mountain on the western boundary. With gates on three sides it is always a short distance when entering or leaving the community from any home site. All the roadways curve through Sincuidados in Scottsdale,  with 16 cul-de-sacs throughout. Lots vary in size from just under one acre to nearly two acres. All homes in the community are of Santa Fe or territorial style architecture.

The residents of Sincuidados in Scottsdale enjoy open access to two amenities unlike those of any other residential community in the Southwest – Wallace Desert Gardens and Lone Mountain Preserve. These properties are committed to the same goals of conserving native Sonoran Desert and open space as are the residents who choose to live in Sincuidados.

Wallace Desert Gardens, located in the heart of our community, is home to thousands of desert plants and is one of the world’s largest private collections of cacti and succulents. Focusing primarily on plants native to the arid lands of the Sonoran Desert, Mexico, Australia, and Africa , Wallace Desert Gardens offer a place of peace, beauty, and tranquility in a sea of urban development. The Gardens encompass 12 acres of cultivated gardens and six acres of natural vegetation.

Adjacent to Sincuidados  is the Wallace Lone Mountain Preserve which is also part of the Gardens’ property. Lone Mountain features 78 acres with walking trails in a natural Sonoran Desert habitat and is protected from development under a conservation easement to Desert Foothills Land Trust.Both properties owe their existence to Henry Browne Wallace, who was known as H.B. to his friends, and his wife Jocelyn. H.B. Wallace was an extraordinary horticulturalist with a passion for arid land plants, although he knew little about them until he moved to Arizona in the early 1980’s. In over 20 years of existence, the Gardens have expanded to include over 2,500 species of arid land plants from all over the world. When he died in 2005, H.B. left this magnificent property to a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation created with a vision of providing opportunities for research, education and conservation.

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Sincuidados Real Estate for Sale