How Can Canadians Narrow Down Their Home Search

In the Phoenix Metro area there are over 64,000 properties listed for sale today. For Canadians this can be very overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the different areas of Phoenix. Determining your search criteria is vital to narrowing down this number as well as making your search manageable.

Selecting Your Home Criteria

It is important that your Realtor completely understands what your goals are in purchasing your home in Arizona;

  • Why you want to buy an Arizona home? (vacation home, investment property, new primary residence, etc.) and how it will be used
  • Type of home (single family residence, condo/townhouse, loft, Patio Home)
  • Price range
  • Location
  • Minimum bedrooms
  • Minimum bathrooms
  • Home size
  • Type and amount of parking
  • Whether the home includes a pool or spa
  • Anything else important to you.

The better your Realtor understands your goals, the easier your search will be!

Search Results

There are two different ways to get your listings. The first way is to have a Realtor run the search for you and email you the listings. These listings will be presented in an easy to read format with pictures, features and a description of the property.

The second option, which I personally think is much better, is to set up a search portal. With a search portal, the Realtor will set up the search with all the criteria you asked for. Your portal will be updated daily as properties come on and off the market and will allow you to easily manage the listings and categorize them based on Favorites, Possibilities and Rejects. You can update your search or add as man searches as you wish.

If you have questions on which search is best for you please don’t hesitate to send me an email or call with questions.

Your Trip to Arizona

Now, it’s time for the real fun to begin. You will want to take a trip to sunny Arizona to see homes and ultimately finalize your decision.

If you have communicated well with your Arizona Realtor and they have done their homework, you will to able to find your Arizona home in just one or two days of home shopping. An experienced and knowledgeable Realtor will be able to narrow down the many tens of thousands of homes for sale in metro Phoenix to the small number of homes that best fit your individual needs. That will leave plenty of time for you and your spouse to relax by the hotel pool, play golf, go shopping or just enjoy the sunshine. If you need a guide or suggestions on what to do while you are out here. Feel free to ask me.

The Home Inspection

Once you find a home, and get an accepted contract, you will need to get an inspection on the property. If you are fortunate enough to find a home and reach an agreement with the the home Seller early in your trip, you may be able to attend the home inspection while you are still in Arizona. It’s nice to be able to meet the home inspector you hired and ask him questions about the home after he’s finished the inspection. However, it is not uncommon for Canadian buyers, or anyone relocating to Arizona, to not be present for the home inspection. Most home inspectors however will be happy to go over everything over the phone with you and send you a detailed report (with pictures) of any potential issues they may find.